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Family law

For family legal issues in Enterprise, AL & Southeast Alabama

At Thad Morgan Jr Atty At Law, we have a reputation for providing reliable, efficient and affordable legal services. If you are experiencing legal issues in Enterprise, AL, you can trust our law team to work their hardest to provide quality support and representation every time. From personal law issues, to family law to business and estate law, we have the capability to deal with all matters to achieve the best result possible.


Thad Morgan Jr Atty At Law has a knowledgeable team of professionals that you can rely on for all of your legal issues. We realize that going through a divorce is a difficult and painful situation for you and your children.

Our law firm can handle each and every aspect of your divorce including:
  •  Alimony
  •  Child Custody
  •  Child Support
  •  Child Visitation
  •  Division of Property and Assets
  •  Grounds for Divorce
  •  Mediations
Contact our law office for a free consultation to learn how we can assist you with your divorce proceedings.

Child support

Every single member of our team is committed to providing professional and knowledgeable service to all of our clients. We are passionate about getting results and maintaining high professional standards to deliver quality and honest legal services. You can trust we will work hard to resolve whatever legal issues or requirements you may have.

If you and your ex-spouse are unable to come to a child custody agreement, allow us to intervene. Our office specializes in child custody cases. We also accept cases involving child support and visitation rights. Thad Morgan Jr Atty At Law can establish the appropriate dollar amount that your ex-spouse should be paying you each month. Our law firm can prove your ex has the resources to pay more.

Do you have any questions about our divorce or child support services? If so, please contact our office in Enterprise, AL us today to schedule an appointment.
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Visitation rights

Are you a non-custodial parent and are being denied your visitation rights? Don't be deprived of the time you deserve to spend with your child. Thad Morgan Jr. Atty At Law will help you see your child. We provide advice and representation in a wide variety of legal areas at an affordable price. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your visitation legal issues and find out how the dedicated legal team at Thad Morgan Jr Atty At Law can help you. Call us in Enterprise, AL today for a free consultation.
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